Ikon Winter Events Schedule

November 2010 – February 2011

Advance booking required in some cases.

Birmingham’s Ikon gallery has announced its programme of events for November 2010 to February 2011, with a number of special days targetted at families and children on the cards.


The focus of most of these events is an exhibition of work by New Zealand artist Len Lye. Lye experimented with film-making and kinetic sculpture, and was considered something of a maverick during his lifetime. The opening of this exhibition, featuring live music and the obligatory glass of first-night wine, takes place on November 23rd from 6pm.

Tying in with the main exhibition is a conversation between Tyler Cann, curator of the Len Lye collection at New Zealand’s Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, and Ikon director Jonathan Watkins on November 24th at 6pm.

Lye also provides the inspiration for the gallery’s Family Saturdays in December, January and February, which encourage young people to get involved with and inspired by the works on display. December’s workshop promises to be particularly special, with children getting together to create a collaborative stop-frame animation.

Young people get another chance to shine with February’s Ikon Insiders Exhibition, where the artwork they have made in response to the Len Lye exhibition will be displayed.

Down in Digbeth, at Ikon’s Eastside offshoot, they’re rounding off 2010 with ‘A Blonde Farewell’ – a party to mark the closing of the Hitchcock Hallway exhibition by Danish Duo AVPD. It takes place on December 3rd, and promises ‘music, light and atmosphere’ late into the night.

Finally, any organisation’s winter events schedule wouldn’t be complete without a concession to Christmas, and Ikon is no exception. This year, they’ve teamed up with the Barber Institute and RBSA to offer late-night tours of the three galleries, with transport between them provided by a free ‘Art Bus’. All three will be offering free guided tours, and visitors to Ikon will receive 10% discount on some items in the museum shop. Warm mince pies will, of course, be on offer too.

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