We Are Scientists – HMV Institute

We Are Scientists
HMV Institute
15 November
Ticket hotline: 08442 485037

The cheekiest, geekiest and somewhat eccentric duo that is We Are Scientists, return to Birmingham for ‘The American Barbarians Tour’.  According to bassist Chris Cain this tour marks an exciting return: “The American Barbarians Tour is, in my estimate, going to be the sexiest, bloodiest, down-and-dirtiest carnival of ecstasy since, at the latest, Roman times – and who can be sure those stories are even true?”

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch the mockumentary shorts that have accompanied the release of their new album ‘Barbara’ you know that you are in for a roller coaster ride of catchy tunes, comedic anecdotes and a slice of good ‘ol fashioned fun.

With the addition of Razorlight’s Andy Burrows, the band’s live presence has been bolstered; however it’s the comedy connection between Cain and Murray that makes them a great band to watch. Grab your tickets now. KO


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