The New Art Gallery Walsall
Until 23 December

Just when you thought the commute to work was already intense enough, consider the fact that the United Nations have predicted that in the year 2030 almost 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities. Best start saving for that place in the country. For now you can check out a collaborative exhibition by a group of international artists all sharing their ideas on the future of densely populated city living.

Metropolis brings together a multitude of artistic mediums, varying from the photography of Algeria’s Mohamed Bourouissa, oil paintings from Chinese artist Zhang Enli, to video projections by Italian Grazia Toderi. Together these ten artists present their view on city life and the possible future for the growing numbers of urban dwellers.

Although the collection of works is global, they can all trace their roots back to the vicinity of Walsall. The Industrial Revolution gave the kick-start to modern cities as we know them and it is only fitting that the place where this movement began would muse on what future it may have created. CB

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