The melting pot of Birmingham’s cuisine scene is a tasty dish; usually served hot and with lashings of beer. But whether you want to start your night with a curry in the Balti triangle, or end your night with a veggie snack, Birmingham is pretty much the restaurant of the Midlands. Now the people behind the Island bar, and the popular drinking hole the Victoria are adding some Latin flavour to Birmingham’s foodie scene.

Bodega is set to become Birmingham’s only Independent bar offering South American food and drink, and hopes to offer a stylish and laid back environment for city folks on a night out. Far from the foam boxes and extra chilli source or a night out, Bodega has by-passed more traditional Birmingham ‘street food’ and looked to South American vendor food for inspiration. The civilised Latin infused bar looks set to become the beginning for many a person’s night out, rather than the place for a quick eat at the end of the night.

The humble burrito is Bodega’s superstar, and taking this lunchtime hand food as inspiration, it’s created an entire menu that can be eaten in the same laid-back, slightly sticky way. Other dishes include the equally messy tacos, and a host of food you can keep at bay with a knife and fork; salads, Colombian stuffed peppers, Peruvian Chancaca glazed salmon and Milanesas. Or maybe a spoon to accompany a Brazilian fish stew? For those that still aren’t convinced that tabletop eating is for them, Bodega also offers a take away lunchtime menu.

Island Bar’s very own Matt Marriott has created and equally southern set of cocktails to wash down on a night out, including the famous Margarita. South American beers are also available, and the cocktails start at £4 between 4pm and 7pm every day.

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