Birmingham Royal Ballet: Pointes of view & Romeo and Juliet

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Pointes of View: 22-25th September
Romeo and Juliet: 28th September – 2nd October
Birmingham Hippodrome
Ticket prices: both £15 – £45

The Birmingham Royal Ballet has a packed fortnight in the city this September, starting with Pointes of View: Concerto, The Lady and the Fool and In the Upper Room.  This is followed closely by Kenneth MacMillan’s brilliantly choreographed Romeo and Juliet – the all-time classic love story.  MacMillan also lends himself to Pointes of View, choreographing Concerto with sparkling displays of energy and virtuosity.  

The Lady and the Fool, created by John Cranko, is an unsentimental but passionate dance that explores the concept of love.  A high society lady falls for a clown and is forced to re-imagine her views on love.  How will we recognise true love?  Especially if it arrives dressed as a buffoon?

In the Upper Room, produced by American dance phenomenon Twyla Tharp, is an exhilarating, athletic ballet featuring dancers in trainers and striking red pointe shoes.  Dominating the stage with energy, flair and finesse, it has been described as “quick-witted and even quicker footed.”

Featuring music by Sergei Prokofiev and Philip Glass, the scores are sure to soar with the ballet.

“One doubts that there is any work, in any medium, more emotionally pummeling than Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet.”

In the infamous Romeo and Juliet is is truly love at first dance for Romeo. This famous bitter sweet love story is flawlessly portrayed in a way that captivates the audience through both the story and the beautiful, elegant ballet. The elegent choreography comes from the true master of modern ballet, Kenneth MacMillan, which produces a perfect medium for capturing this all-time classic love story.

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