Autumn exhibitions at the Lighthouse.

This Autumn is a very exciting time down at the Lighthouse, Wolverhampton.
The first exciting exhibition takes place in the main gallery:

As Above So Below – Odette England (27th August – 22nd October)

Straight from it’s New York debut, Odettes show enthuses about the study of geography, belief systems and the flow of nature. The exhibitions title epitomizes this as it is a phrase many indigenous cultures follow. They believe that the heaven and earth are a foundation for all creatures, including themselves. The land and sky aren’t merely something geographical, they are mirrors that reflect themselves. Odette is a passionate Australian artist whose graduated from the University of South Australia and City of Westminster College, London. Not only is she highly qualified, her work has been shown globally from the UK to the USA to france and last year she won the Flash Forward Emerging photographers award for the second year consecutively.

Each image in her exhibition, Odette has produced replicates that core statement. with images documenting the vast deserts of Southern Australia from both directly above and below a single point – combined as a double exposure. The beauty of Odettes work is the way she combines two things that otherwise exist separately together to explore the significance of a primal ‘middle ground’ where humankind exist.

The series was made during an Artist Research Residency: Odette was appointed as a Visiting Fellow by the University of New South Wales, to live and work at the Arid Zone Research Station of the Imaging the Land Research Institute (ILIRI) from May-June 2009. ‘ILIRI’ is Australia’s only research institute concerned with artistic interpretation of the science of land.

To see more of Odettes work click here

Additionally on at the Balcony Gallery is:

The Priory by Andrew Lacon. (3rd – 30th September)

The Priory was a troubled housing estate in Dudley in the West Midlands. Andrew documented this estate before the ordered demolition to produce a strong photographic experience. Mainly built in the 1930’s, the estate was a solution to the slum clearances. Although effective, the 1990’s saw the houses fall into a state of disrepair and the estate riddled vandalism, drug dealing, burglary and graffiti. Dudley Council were responsible for re-homing residents which, for many, was an unwanted move, as they had spent the majority of their lives on the estate. Plans for rebuilding the estate are currently underway.

The images Andrew has created aren’t just a typological study of the area, but carry real emotion and provide a unique insight into the way the residents lived and leads you to think about the response that the government give to socio-economic problems, not just in this area, but all across England.

To see more of Andrews work, click here

Both exhibitions are extremely varied in many ways, yet both are equally as intriguing, meaningful and powerful as each other. Both Odette and Andrew have portrayed their artistic expressions and two completely different areas in a beautifully strong way, so these are definitely exhibitions you don’t want to miss.

For more information visit and follow through the website.

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