48 Sheet

48 Sheet Project
48 Sheet Route
2nd – 14th September

48 Sheet, alluding to the size of a traditional outdoor billboard, is a new experimental pilot project using four billboard spaces for advertisements as a blank canvas for artists. The aim of the project is to explore what can happen when artists are given the fantastic opportunity to express their artistic perspectives via a settings that’s usually dominated by adverts. The 4 lucky and talented artists participating in this project are Harry Blackett and Robin Kirkham, Lucy Mclauchlan, Ian Richards and Elizabeth Rowe.

The pilot takes place in Birmingham from the 2nd to the 14th September 2010. You are invited to ‘take a walk” along the 48 Sheet route on the 14th September at 6PM for your last chance to see the artists work on the billboards.

For this walk, you begin at Pershore Street at “What you looking at” where you will be given a publication including a map (seen below) of the 4 billboards, information about the project and the individuals  artists work to help you understand and appreciate what the project aims to do.

Not only are you invited to take a walk, you are also invited to the Anchor Pub for half a Guinness, where you’ll have the experience to see a time-lapse of the installations by audio visual artist Mat Beckett. (Please note to obtain your half a Guinness you must print an invitation and present it at the bar)

To learn more about each individuals billboard and more about the 48 sheet project visit the projects website

One thought on “48 Sheet

  1. A great idea to allow some artists to use billboard space. Gives the artists a public area to show their work — without having to create graffiti which may turn some people off. Thanks for sharing this project on your blog.

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