Inbindable Volume

VIVID, 140 Heath Mill Lane, Birmingham, B9 4AR
0121 766 7876
29 July – 21 August

Karin Kihlberg and Reuben Henry’s latest work, Inbindable Volume, is an ambitious, multi-screen journey through Birmingham’s iconic Central Library that explores the journey between conception and materialization.

The concrete physicality of the Brutalist architecture is rendered against the unseen imagined spaces alluded to within the books held in the space.  An omnipresent narrator, who describes the lifespan of a building from conception to abandonment, drives the rhythm and texture of the film as the interior of the library unfolds in an assemblage of tracking shots.

Having worked together since 2004, Kihlberg and Henry’s work is embedded in society’s habit of viewing the world through secondhand information.  Their aim to capture uncertainties of the present and generate an unstable perception of time is most evident within Inbindable Volume, as the work conspires to generate multiple perspectives in time and space, creating a state of flux between continual movement, and a sense of security engendered by the narrator’s formal and reassuring tone.

Inbindable Volume will launch VIVID’s 2010/11 artists commissioning programme and will tour to Italy’s Citric Gallery in March 2011. LB

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