It Came From Pebble Mill

mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham
2 – 4 July 2010

Edgbaston’s once noble BBC centre will now be just a distant memory to many, but the great work produced at Pebble Mill has not been forgotten and will be revived for both new generations and those who want to see the classics once again his weekend.

Birmingham’s own film historians at 7 Inch Cinema have teamed up with Birmingham City University to bring a weekend of Pebble Mill’s groundbreaking programs and films. Birmingham native David Hare’s first film about world war 2 propaganda, Licking Hitler, will be amongst the treats, as well as what was famously Britain’s first, and last, black soap opera, Empire Road set in Handsworth.

To get a behind the scenes feel of the work, members of the production teams from many of the shows will also be in attendance and taking part in discussions that will accompany the showings.

This is a rare chance to see Birmingham in its televisual creative heyday and view first-rate programming that has spent too long away from the screen.

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