Bostin T-Shirts

Bostin T’s are fast earning themselves a revered reputation around the country with their brand of tongue-in-cheek T-shirt designs. Thanks partly to the recent spate of famous Brummies sporting their goods, from soul sensation Beverley Knight to the ITV’s Adrian Chiles, Bostin T’s are popping up all over the place.

Started a decade ago, the brand is the brainchild of by Donato Esposito who loved the positive nature of the word ‘bostin’ so much that he decided to create a T-shirt company that reflected the feel good ethos the name inspires. The brand has seen a rapid growth in sales due to its diverse range and innovative self-deprecating humour, playing on many of the stereotypes of Brummies throughout the region. During the recent election campaign they threw their political hat into the ring with a series of satirical T’s comprising the Election Collection.

The expansion of the brand includes brilliant Black Country observations ‘Oss’ (Horse), Yam-Yam, and our personal favourite – a take on the iconic I ‘heart’ NYC to I ‘Heart’ Tipton. Bostin is currently working with the team behind Birmingham’s City of Culture bid by creating a T-Shirt that embodies what people believe defines Birmingham as a city of culture.

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