Two heads are better than one

CSI: The Exhibition
Old Borders Store, Bullring

As CSI: The Experience heads into the final period of its tenure in the Bullring, it is offering budding sleuths their last chance to catch this exciting exhibition. With their 2-4-1 offer, you and a friend can have a go at cracking a case.

It means doubling your chances of catching a crook, finding a killer and bringing the bad guy to justice. Chalk full of cutting edge technology used in the field by real CSI’s, the installation has enjoyed immense success and is scheduled to move to mainland Europe at the end of the month.

So whether you’re a fan of the show or a potential CSI yourself, head down to the exhibit this month and test your skills. Who knows you may even be the next Gill Grissom!

Tickets: £9.75 (£7 for up to the age of 17)

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