Superfreakonomics Live

Superfreakonomics Live
With Stephen J Dubner
7.30pm, £15
Sunday 20 June 2010

When Freakonomics was launched five years ago the book took dry economic theory and applied it to a diverse spectrum of subjects making it hugely entertaining and accessible. The worldwide sensation sold over 4 million copies and sat happily of the bestseller list for almost two years.
From the impact of what giving a child a certain name can have on the rest of their lives to why drug dealers still live with their moms the book’s author gives readers a well-researched case for a variety of topical subjects and delves deep in to the what has happened in history that impacts the current climate.
The sequel Superfreakonomics, written by Stephen J. Dubner and University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt, challenges the way we think and explores how people respond to incentives. Former New York Times journalist and co-author Dubner will bring his explorations of pop culture, economics and everything in between to Town Hall for what promises to be an entertaining and thoroughly eye-opening event.

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