NOT MY TYPE: An Out of Character Experiment

We love the idea of this typographical exploration of 26 letters (and a few sneaky characters) by 35
different illustrators, designers and artists, all displayed as one alphabet.

Stylistically the show is really diverse, ranging from folk such as Jon Burgerman, I Love Dust, Sam Pierpoint, Lewes Harriot, Dan Westwood, members of The Outcrowd, amongst others will be participating and working across a range of media. 

The exhibition will run in the Created In Birmingham store, opening the evening of May 6th; all prints will be available to buy from both the store and through the Facebook group here.


A – Jonny Costello
B – Mark Murphy
C – Charlotte
D – Darren John
E – Karl Toomey
F – John Bennett
G – Stef Grindley
H – Claire Hartley
I – Ben Javens
J – Jon Burgerman
K – Lewes Herriot
L – Daisy Whitehouse
M – Jim O Raw
N – Nathan Monk
O – Lee Basford
P – Sam Pierpoint
Q – Ryan Kileen
R – Log Roper
S – Super cool
T – Christopher Slevin
U – I Love Dust
V – Steve Payne
W – Murray Somerville
X – Mark Harris
Y – Jonathan Cherry
Z – Jamie Hearn

Extended Letterforms

? – Matt Tilley
& – Supercool
$ – Dan Westwood
$ – I Love Dust
£ – Al Kennington
! – Luke Hinsull
% – Lauren Kavanagh
¥ – James Griffin
€ – Martian Wilke

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