The New Special Edition

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Special Edition Culture Guide for Visit Birmingham. We love our home city and have had lots of fun putting this edition together that showcases some of favourite places and people.

The guide is part of Marketing Birmingham’s new campaign that launches on Monday 26th April to raise the profile of the city’s arts and culture offering domestic and international audiences.

The campaign’s aim is to encourage people to plan weekend breaks in the city around key events in Birmingham’s cultural calendar which this year includes some great events including International Dance Festival Birmingham, The Flyover Show III and the launch of the gorgeous new mac at Cannon Hill Park.

Fused worked closely with the team at Visit Birmingham to put together an annual guide to highlight the range and depth of the city’s entertainment and lifestyle offer.

Chief Executive, Neil Rami, said:

“The new Culture Guide highlights a selection of this city’s innovative arts scene. From the best in classical music and award-winning ballet through to cutting edge visual arts and experimental theatre, Birmingham’s cultural offering is a real reason to visit.”

100, 000 of the booklets are being distributed in Amsterdam, Dublin, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and Bristol. It will also become part of a toolkit for touring companies from the city to help them promote Birmingham.

To download or request you copy of the guide click on

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