The Nissan Cube

For those of you reading this who live in Birmingham you may have spotted a rather strange looking vehicle being driven around the city during February. The Nissan Cube became our ride for a week and what fun we had.

It’s too new to be a ‘design classic’ but its hint of retro 20’s gangsta’ mobile style mixed with squished Hummer certainly makes it a head turner. At every road junction and car park people did double takes. On the M6 a guy wound down his window to take a closer look – not advised at 70mph but he didn’t seem to mind.

If the outside wasn’t outstanding enough little did the double-takers realise that inside was just as impressive. A computer screen for syncing my iPhone, a sat nav to tell me the way and a reverse camera to make sure I didn’t flatten anyone were all pretty great. However none of this compared to the Magic Illumination, or as it fondly became known – the disco lights. Underfoot a gentle illumination of light dances around. I don’t know why they are there or the purpose but now every other car seems boring without them.

The cars have only been in the UK for a couple of months but are, of course, big in Japan and one of the best selling cars. There will only be around 1,500 available in the UK during 2010 and have already been used to ferry around celebs at award ceremonies and London Fashion Week.

It might be reminiscent of a 50’s refrigerator or a microwave but we loved it. It is fun, it is tall and it is nippy with a huge sunroof. Most important it is different in the best possible way. We like the fact it isn’t a silver hatchback – where’s the fun in driving one of those?

One thought on “The Nissan Cube

  1. I have seen several of these about in Kettering, Northamptonshire over the last couple of year they have been imported by a local car dealer. I’ve always been impressed by their character and style.

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