The Hobbit – Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

From the 9-13th March Wolverhampton becomes part of the origins of Middle-Earth mythology, as JRR Tolkiens’ seminal text The Hobbit springs to life in this wonderfully original and acclaimed stage version.

Following the exploits of Bilbo Baggins (as featured in The lord of the Rings Trilogy) The Hobbit features many of the most memorable characters of the trilogy in a prequel fashion.

The story centres on a quest to retrieve a powerful treasure that will reclaim and restore the Dwarf kingdom. The unassuming Baggins is thrust into the quest by Gandalf the Sorcerer, much to the remonstrations of the accompanying dwarves as to the usefulness of a Hobbit. This magical tale recounts Bilbo’s journey from feeble Hobbit to saviour of his companions as he contends bravely with Trolls, Goblins, wolves and giant spiders. Along the way he also discovers a magical ring that forms the foundations for the later trilogy. This production is a necessity for any Lord of the Rings fan and a magical introduction for those who want to know the story from its origins.

The Hobbit
9th -13th March
Wolverhampton Grand Theatre
Tickets: £7.50-£23.50

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