Congrats to the IKON

Image by Stuart Whipps

Birmingham’s art scene has had a great year. A mix of excellent shows and new artist led spaces opening has meant the residents of the city have had plenty to do and see in the last 12 months. So we are delighted to see that contemporary gallery The Ikon has caught the eye of National art critic Laura Cumming who selected 2 of their shows for the Observer’s 2009 art review list.

Ikon’s exhibition of vignettes by British wood engraver Thomas Bewick (1753-1828) was Cumming’s pick for no. 5. On display through April and May, the exhibition proved popular amongst other reviewers including Tom Lubbock (The Independent) and Adrian Searle (The Guardian).

Our exhibition of paintings by Carmen Herrera in August/September was Cumming’s no. 8; she describes the work of the 94-year-old Cuban painter as ‘radiant abstractions’ and in her review in August referred to Herrera as ‘..the discovery of the year – of the decade.’

Well done to Ikon who were one of only two non-London venues listed.

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